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Business & Branding Videography

The Director's Cut

  • Free Consult & Storyboard Session

  • 3 Minute Video that hooks your target audience, gains their trust, builds brand awareness and finishes with a strong CTA utilizing a mutitude of cinematic elements. 

  • BTS clips, and vertical version included.

The Feature Film

  • Free Consult & Storyboard Session

  • 1 Minute Video that packs in your brands values and essence utilizing Sound Effects and visual story telling, with narration or text over music to set the vibe. 

The Trailer

  • Free Consult & Storyboard

  • :30 Second Video packed with cinematic clips to music & text that draws the ideal customer in and keeps them watching until the CTA at the very end.

Small Business / Marketing Agency Offers

  • Short Form Vertical Videos for Social Media

  • Prefered Retainer Pricing for Marketing Agencies

  • Collaboration Opportunities

Drone Footage

  • Stand alone Pricing

  • Reduced Price for Adding to other services

  • FAA Part 107 Licensed

Music Videos

  • Free Consult & Storyboard Session

  • Streamlined process for Peace of Mind

  • Collaboration Opportunities

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