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Nonprofit Video & Fundraising Tools

With 20+ years of Nonprofit leadership and fundraisinug experience, we want to help your Nonprofit Organization connect with new donors and volunteers to make a greater impact.


We can highlight your vital work with compelling video storytelling, and our tested fundraising tools to help motivate and train your team to ensure a successful fundraising campaign

At Jeremy Ito Story Design, we understand the power of video in amplifying the voice of nonprofit organizations. Our nonprofit video services in Oregon are designed to help you connect with your audience, share your mission, and inspire action.


We would love to partner with your nonprofit to create compelling video content that highlights the impact of your work, tells your story authentically, and engages the community.


Let us help you turn your vision into a visual narrative that inspires donors to give generously and motivates champions to get involved.

Contact Us to if you have questions, or fill out the survey below to get started.

Nonprofit Offerings

Every Story needs a Hero, an obstacle to overcome, and some people to help along the way. In each of our offerings, we use video and storytelling to move your supporters to take action and rally behind your organization.

Super Hero Icon for Nonprofit Hero Package

The Hero

Get our largest offer of video services to ensure your fundraising campaign and events are capturing the largest attention and support possible. With so many Nonprofits competing for funding, this will let you stand out amongst the rest. 

Icon of two hands shaking

The Mentor

This offering allows us to come alongside of you and lend our 20+ years of nonprofit leadership experience to maximize your video service ROI, allowing you to focus on the people and programs that depend on your team.

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The Everyman

Every NPO deserves to have quality video services that allow them to share their story in a compelling manner. This offer is perfect for local Oregon Nonprofits with less than 10 employees.

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